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in the Spirit of Love, Peace, Harmony and Freedom.

8 - 10 August 2024
At the Pyramid of the Sun in

Visoko, Bosnia Herzegovina

Miracle in the Heart of Bosnia (Official trailer)

Miracle in the Heart of Bosnia (Official trailer)

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Awaken Festival is a fusion of diverse souls seeking a shared experience of love, unity, celebration and awakening. 

We are a testament to the transformative power of love, peace, and harmony, woven together in a tapestry that resonates with the frequencies of freedom and awakening. As you navigate through this sanctuary, envision a sunlit landscape where each moment is a dance of vibrant energies, inviting you to participate in the collective rhythm of life.

Dancing Women


Let this festival be the catalyst for your personal journey towards self-discovery, as you embrace the transformative power of this extraordinary gathering in a high vibrational field. Discover the variety of offers to create more love, peace and harmony within yourself and in your field. Experience powerful tools for your self-transformation or just allow yourself to be in a magnificent field and scenery. 




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  • What ticket categories are there?
    At the AWAKEN Festival we will have 5 ticket categories for the whole 3-day festival : Early bird : 195,00 Euro until May 1st Regulär fee: 245,00 Euro Seniors, Students, Unemployed = 80,00 Euro Children 7-18 years = 44,00 Euro Children 0-6 year = free
  • What is included in the ticket?
    - One guided group tour through the Ravne Tunnel - Three day access to the sacred meditation field within the Ravne Tunnel - A mysterious Prehistorical Underground Tunnel Network - Place of Healing and Meditation - One Peaceful Walkathon to the top of the Sun Pyramid a.) hiking b.) lift by car. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is the largest and oldest pyramid of all time - Unlimited time for meditation (permitted in the allowed time of the day) is included as well as the access to all of the Festival's events. - All performances and all concerts at all 10 scenes at the Archeological park - Dance, celebration, concerts with national and international guests - Entrance to the Panel: AWAKENING Science meets Spirituality - Ceremonies - Creative Market Place - Refined Art Gallery - Presentations
  • What is included in the Additional Festival Package SILVER 1 + 2 ?
    - Accomodation in FRANCISCAN MONASTERY with modest but spacious rooms and beautiful gardens, with breakfast - For a single person staying alone in a double bed room, or for a person sharing the double bed room - Field lunch at the festival area, 1 x day, with Organic, non GMO food with forgotten taste - Guided Tour to the Conical Artificial Hill - Tumulus - Exposure to the Energy Beam
  • What is included in the Additional Festival Package GOLD 1 + 2 ?
    - Accomodation in the NEW HOTEL VEMA 4*, in the center of Visoko town with all the luxury services and spa&wellness, incl. Breakfast - For a single person staying alone in a double bed room, or for a person sharing the double bed room - Field lunch at the festival area, 1 x day, with Organic, non GMO food with forgotten taste - Guided Tour to the Conical Artificial Hill - Tumulus - Exposure to the Energy Beam
  • What am I going to experience as add on for an additional fee?
    Wellness area where you can experience several Wellness treatments like: Tao Hands Treatments, Akashic Record Readings, Tao Calligraphy Art Sessions, Tao Science Booth, Cacao-Ceremony, Sacred Tea Ceremony, Massages and much more.
  • Can I transfer my ticket?
    Yes, a transfer to another person is always possible. If you are no longer able to attend the AWAKEN festival for any reason, you can pass on/sell your ticket(s). As soon as you have found a buyer for your ticket, you can contact our customer support via E-mail to and provide the name of the new ticket holder and your ticket number.
  • Can I return my ticket?
    Tickets can only be canceled within the first 14 days after purchase. After these 14 days, the right to return the tickets expires. If you would like to resell your tickets, we recommend that you share them in our Facebook group:
  • Where is the festival located?
    - Sunpyramid in Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Street: Ravne 1, 71300 Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina - 1 Ulica Ravne, Visoko, Federacija Bosne i Hercegovine 71300
  • How can I get to the festival?
    Travel by car - Street: Ravne 1, 71300 Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina Travel with the Airplane: - to Sarajevo, 30 min to the Sun Pyramid, Taxi: around 25 Euro in cash - Banja Luka (3 hours car drive) - Maddalena erfragt Kosten Parking: Free guarded parking lot available
  • Where can I stay?
    There are several option with different price categories for you to stay during the festival. - Hotels - Camping place - Clamping - Ashram - Monastery You can also book your accomodation via
  • Where can I find the program?
    The final program is not yet fixed. As soon as we have planned the detailed schedule with all performances , concerts, workshops, speaker slots, panel discussion, we will publish the program on the AWAKEN Festival website -
  • Can I bring Children to the event?
    Yes, Children are welcome. There is a playground and a AWAKEN Kids Lounge available.
  • Will the festival be Indoors or Outdoor?
    For the AWAKEN Festival the most of the activities are Outdoor. Some location are indoor or take place in a tent.
  • Why is the program not yet fixed?
    As there can always be small shifts throughout the year, we are waiting to publish the program so that there are no unpleasant changes for you afterwards. This is the best way for us to ensure that you can enjoy everything at the AWAKEN festival as we have offered it in the program.
  • What parking facilities are available on site?
    We offer free parking by the entrance of the Festival Park.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Yes, pets are allowed at this festival, but there are different areas where animals have no access to, like for example the Refined Art Gallery, the Ravne tunnels and inside the restaurants 🙂
  • Is the location Wheelchair accessible?
    Yes, most of the AWAKEN Festival areas are accessible for people using a wheelchair. Except: the Top of Sun Pyramid and some Scenes.
Image by Ganapathy Kumar

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