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Pouring Sand
Image by Matt Palmer


Since 2020 Dr Sem and his "Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, Sarajevo is welcoming orphans from all around Bosnia to the Pyramid of the Sun for special summer events around the pyramid.


The children visit the Ravne Tunnels, hike up the pyramids and get to experience the archaeological and scientific work around the pyramids. 

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They are also participating in all kinds of sports activities  at the magnificent sports park of the Pyramid of the Sun, with it tennis court that was sponsored by the Tennis legend Novak Djokovic.​


Each year the children meet their favourite Bosnian sports heroes and participate with them in sport contests followed by joint dinner.  The aim is to give the children what they need the most: Love, attention, care and compassion. It´s built some unforgettable memories that are focused on connection, joy, nature and learning new skills and wisdom in a safe environment in playful ways.​

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During these days at the Sun Pyramid the children build their self esteem and are encouraged to spend time outdoors in nature and stay curious about what earth and life have to offer.

These joyful happenings will be extended in the future with help of the Awaken Hearts Community Association from Sweden which contributes with the Awaken Festival to invite orphans for an entire summer vacation at the pyramid of the Sun in the years to come.


Therefore we wish to express our deepest gratitude for all who have decided to join us for the very first Awaken Festival this year as with your ticket purchase you are contributing to this Charity project.


Thank you for your kind support to accompany children on their way to built health and happy lives.

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Image by Ganapathy Kumar

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